Be part of shaping the future!
Start your carrier in the energy sector!

Join WONY’s mentoring program and we will help you get acquainted with this exciting sector and assist you to improve your career opportunities.

Do you think that the energy sector is only for guys? Are you afraid that only men can get a meaningful job in this sector? Do you think this sector only offers opportunities if you have a degree in engineering? We do not think so. We are here to bust these myths.

Our Association aims to increase the publicity and visibility of all the exciting, but not so well-known jobs this sector can offer to the young generation of female professionals. Our members have joined forces to support each other and the young generation of female university graduates to support their entrance to the job market and enhance their carrier opportunities in the energy sector.

If you are studying engineering, law, economics, communication, international relations or any related field, completed at least 2 semesters of your studies and you are interested in energy and climate issues you should consider applying to our mentoring programme for the 2022 fall and 2023 spring semester.

You can also apply if you just started your career and you would like to develop the skills that are essential to progress in this industry. Our mentors with extensive and diverse experience in the energy sector will help you to:

  1. learn about your carrier opportunities,
  2. have a taste of what it feels like to work in this sector through your personal mentor,
  3. take part in networking events and the leading energy conferences in the region,
  4. develop your skills and competencies essential on the job market and for your carrier development,
  5. benefit from personal consultation by our members active in various segments of the energy sector.


The next mentor programme will launch in October 2022. If you are interested in taking part send us the application form below.

We count on applicants to be able to take part in the activities offered by the programme but occasionally we can also provide online consultation. Please only apply if you can dedicate at least 40 hours in the two semesters to participate in the programme activities.

To apply, please fill out the form below, make sure to answer all of the questions applicable and upload the required documents then submit your application.


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