The last WONY Lounge of 2020 was held on 4 December

On the 4 December we organised this year’s last online WONY Lounge to assess our activities this year and to discuss how managed to adjust to the “new normal” brought about by the global pandemic situation. This time five of our members were invited to share with us their experiences. Márta Kovács, CEO of the Szombathely District Heating Service; Mahdjouba Belaifa, Head of Gas Market Analysis Department at GECF; Borbála Czakó, President of HBLF; Borbála Tóth, senior gas industry analyst at REKK and Arijeta Pajaziti, head of AWESK our partner institution in Kosovo talked about the pandemic situation, the challenges they faced in their respective industries and how they coped with this issues as women. The discussion was moderated by Andrea Pánczél, Chair of the Association.

After the Lounge Andrea Pánczél gave an overview of the activities of the Association. Despite the challenges we had to face in 2020 we accomplished many things this year with WONY and did our best to increase the visibility of women working in energy. We strengthened our networking with international partners, organised three WONY Lounge-s and supported the participation of our members in high-level conferences such as the Budapest Energy Summit. We believe that in these difficult times – which is even more challenging for women – the power of community is increasingly important. We will continue to support the growing professional community of women in energy field, see you next year.