Energy revolution can only happen with women!
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The Women in Energy Association togther with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) prepared an extensive research to give an overview of the gender balance in the energy sector in Central and Southeastern Europe. The goal of the study was to understand the status, dynamics, and perspective of the female workforce in this sector through the lens of women’s career lifecycle, share best practices and give specific recommendations on how to increase gender diversity.

Our Goal

Women in Energy, WONY is a non-profit association, which has been founded in Budapest in 2017. Our aim is to increase the proportion of women leaders in the energy sector, not only in Hungary, but also in the CEE Countries.

Our objective is to support the growing professional community of women in energy field, enable women to reach top decision-making positions and bring women board mandates to a visible level.

We strongly believe that the unlimited power of women can inspire and provide a wealth of success to the industry especially in the current very fast changing new energy world.
Diversity on boards leads to competitiveness and can contribute to improvements. A board has to be innovative which is the key to efficiency.

Energy revolution cannot happen without women. This revolution has a huge impact to our whole future. It would be a big mistake not to use the women power in this particular situation. The women power can bring more efficiency, more competitiveness and more human sensibility to our common business.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities, foster career and leadership development of women who work already in the sector or want to work in the energy industry.

In the spirit of equality we aim to promote public awareness of understanding women’s added value on boards, we encourage companies to rethink their business model, and support women working in energetic fields.

Our mission is also to increase the visibility of the top manager women to inspire the younger generation, in order to give them good examples. By guiding and training young women we would like to make it possible to enhance their skills, to deal, to interact and to learn from wiser women in high positions. By opening female perspectives and creating a valuable female talent pool we might contribute to the next generation of energy leaders. Our clear message to the young women: Energy is one of the most exciting sector, let’s create together our common future! 


WONY aims to bring together female professionals from all segments of the energy industry because we believe in the power of a supportive community. While evidence shows that companies employing a higher percentage of women typically have a more positive work culture and increased profitability, the energy sector is still predominantly male-centric. There are fewer women in leadership positions because they do not get as much help and support as their male counterparts, and they are often overlooked for promotions. In order to ensure women are given an equal opportunity when applying for positions or promotions, they need to be informed about career progression steps, available opportunities, and they should be able to seek help and guidance with career planning. Sponsorship and mentorship programs are also essential to help women receive support.

Our Association has members from the majority of the big energy companies in the CEE region, creating this way an unparalleled network of female professionals. Join us and benefit from the power of community, develop your professional network and take part in shaping the future.

Thank you to our sponsors
for supporting diversity and inclusion



We offer various programmes for our members. Our activity ranges from networking meetings to high-level conferences, site visits, career development support and many more. Take a look at our previous events here:


The energy sector is not only for guys. Be part of shaping the future! Start your carrier in the energy sector!

Join WONY’s mentoring program and we will help you get acquainted with this exciting sector and assist you to improve your career opportunities.

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