WONY Annual General Meeting – 04.12.2020


Dear WONY member!

We cordially invite you to this year’s Annual General Meeting which will take place on Friday, 4 December 2020, at 18:00. Please note that due to the government decree (Government Decree 484/2020 (XI. 10.)) that entered into force on 11 November 2020, the Annual General Meeting will be held virtually. We will inform you about the technical details in time.


  1. Deciding whether there is a quorum on the General Meeting. Please note, that the Annual General Meeting has a quorum only if 50% of the members participate.

  2. Election of the chair of the Annual Meeting, secretary and the two verifiers.

  3. Presentation of the annual account, including the report of the management body on the financial position of the Association.

  4. Presentation and approval of the operational plan for 2021.

Should the meeting prove to be unsuccessful due to lack of quorum, the date and venue of the reconvened meeting are the following:

Date of reconvened general meeting: 9 December 2020, 09:00, similarly in a virtual format.

I would like to draw your attention, that the reconvened general meeting will have a quorum for the issues of the original agenda irrespective of the number of those present, as it will be called for a date following the original time by not less than three days and not more than fifteen days.

I look forward to meeting you at the General Annual Meeting!

Andrea Pánczél Dr.